“I saw Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri on a date; sent them a note and received this ‘reply'”

A fanaccount about Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri, a leading couple in the entertainment industry, is being dug back online.

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri are one of the leading couples in the entertainment industry as they have been dating for a long time and are well known for their sweet moments together.

Recently, various online communities are digging back an article titled “Someone saw Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri on their Room Escape Date,” which was posted on the online community last year. The author said on their blog, “Hye Ri and Ryu Jun Yeol came to the Room Escape (Cafe) where A works,” adding, “A sent them a post-it, telling them that they are their fan, and the couple replied.”

Ryu Jun-yeol Hyeri

The post-it said, “I’m a fan! Fighting” which seems to be handwritten by A. Below that, there was a reply that appeared to have been written by Ryu Jun Yeol, saying, “Thank you, please look forward to the return of ‘Alienoid’ and ‘Lost’.”

Ryu Jun-yeol Hyeri

According to the post, A is a big fan of Ryu Jun Yeol, and that Ryu Jun Yeol was actually very nice and witty. In addition to A’s reviews, photos and fanaccounts of Ryu Jun Yeol and Hye Ri’s dates often appear on SNS as well.

The couple met on tvN’s “Reply 1988” in 2015 and developed from colleagues to lovers. They are still dating and in love after officially acknowledging their romantic relationship in 2017.

Meanwhile, actor Ryu Jun Yeol is greeting fans through his works this year, such as the movies “Alienoid Part 1” and “The Night Owl.” Specifically, the movie “The Night Owl,” which is currently in theatre, is gaining popularity with its solid story and acting skills by famous actors, ranking first at the box office. As of Dec 12th, the cumulative number of viewers for the movie “The Night Owl” is 2.52 million.

At the same time, Hye Ri is enthusiastically playing Baek Dong Ju in the MBC drama “May I Help You?” “May I Help You?” is a drama about the story of funeral director Baek Dong Ju, who can talk to the dead, and deacon Kim, her employee, fulfilling the requests of the deceased.

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