“I love racy movies”, a top female singer’s explicit recommendation

When asked what a “Guilty Pleasure” is, she talked about “Bridgerton” as an example.

The top female idol’s remarks that she feels joy while watching a racy movie are drawing attention.

On Oct 26th, a Q&A video of Hwasa, a member of the MAMAMOO, was posted on the music-related Youtube channel “NORAE-ing.”

Mamamoo Hwasa NORAE-ing
Mamamoo Hwasa NORAE-ing

In the released video, Hwa Sa surprised viewers by answering, “I like racy movies so much,” when asked what her own Guilty Pleasure (an act of knowing that you shouldn’t do it but still enjoying while doing it) is.

Mamamoo Hwasa NORAE-ing

Hwasa said “Isn’t there something racy that makes your heart flutter but is not completely revealing?” citing the Netflix series “Bridgerton” as an example. “Bridgerton” is an American series set in England in the 19th century, and is famous for its high-level sexy scenes that can raise anyone’s sexual desires.

Hwasa continued, “But I want to pretend to be innocent in front of others, so I say that I am watching the movie “No country for old men,” making everyone laugh.

Michele Morrone
MBC's "Hangout with Yoo"
MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo”

Previously, in an episode of MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo,” which aired last year, Hwasa confessed that she enjoyed watching the Polish romance film “365 Days.”

At the time, Hwasa picked Italian actor Michele Morrone, who appeared as the male protagonist in “365 Days,” as her ideal type and told Lee Hyo-ri and Um Jung-hwa, “I’m in an imaginary relationship with him.” “365 Days” drew attention among Korean and foreign netizens with sensational materials and highly sexual scenes.

Online community theqoo’s comment section 
Online community theqoo’s comment section 

Netizens responded to the post on the online community theqoo with comments saying, “I just saw the title and came in thinking it might be Hwasa, but I was right,” “It (Bridgerton) wasn’t such a racy production in my standards,” and “I feel like I’m seeing someone introducing themselves as an Otaku while watching only One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach.”

Mamamoo Hwasa


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