“I just got home only to receive a complaint paper from BLACKPINK Jisoo”

A netizen posts about them receiving a complaint from BLACKPINK Jisoo due to the malicious comments they had made.

Recently, an article titled “I think I am sued because of a celebrity, please answer my question.” was posted on DC Inside. The writer uploaded a request for their attendance from BLACKPINK Jisoo’s side. In this attendance request, malicious comments such as “Isn’t BLACKPINK Jisoo a XXX?” “Change right away like a XXX” and “X Jisoo’s voice is also XXX” are all listed out.

BLACKPINK Jisoo sue malicious comments

The writer said, “When I got home today, a document was sent to me from the police station. I’m not sure if I wrote the comments with my mobile carrier’s IP or my home IP, but if I say I didn’t write it during the investigation, will I be suspended from prosecution?” the person asked, “If I’m a first-time offender, how much is the fine?”

BLACKPINK Jisoo sue malicious comments

Netizens who saw this commented, “It’s hard for celebrities to drop such cases because they use professional lawyers,” “I think you can think of a fine of 1 million won to 4 million won,” “It’s scary when you get caught even after deleting it,” and “Didn’t DC Inside say it would be destroyed if you voluntarily delete the comment?”

Earlier in October, YG Entertainment has declared a war against malicious comments against its artists. At the time, YG said, “We have sued and accused all kinds of spreading of malicious and habitual false information, defamation, and insults for obstruction of business,” adding, “We will take strong legal action if our artist’s reputation is seriously damaged or irreparable damage is deemed enormous.”


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