“I couldn’t even play hard to get,” Sumni talked about the celebrity she fell in love with

Singer Sunmi revealed that about the first celebrity she dated after debut.

On Sunmi’s hit web program “Showterview”, the female idol had a talk with Hyolyn, a former member of the famous girl group SISTAR.

In particular, during the “60 Seconds TMI” session of the show, Sunmi and Hyolyn were asked if they have ever dated another celebrity before, to which they gave contrasting answers, with Sunmi saying “yes” and Hyolyn denying.

At this, Sunmi showed a somewhat embarrassed look and explained: “I can explain this. If I like someone, I won’t be able to hide it. I couldn’t even play hard to get. I just can’t hide my crush at all.”

However, she did not disclose who the lucky celebrity she dated was. 

Following Sunmi, Hyolyn said: “I think I’m cautious about dating celebrities. Even if I like someone, I just wouldn’t dare. At times I would think, ‘Is it okay to date?’ and ‘Is he a good person?’, but then I’d eventually give up.” 

Source: nate

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