“I Am SOLO” Young-chul explained why he left a comment under G-Dragon’s post without using honorifics, “SNS is a free communication space”

“I Am SOLO” Youngchul gave an explanation on why he talked casually to G-Dragon in his comments in the past.


Young-chul, who made headlines for his unrivaled performance in NQQ and SBS Plus’s show “I Am SOLO” last year, recently uploaded the live broadcast he did with fellow cast member Young-soo on his Youtube channel.

While exchanging various stories with Young-soo, Young-chul apologized for posting a rude comment telling G-Dragon to stop smoking without using honorifics in the past. 

Last year, Young-chul was criticized by netizens after leaving a comment under G-Dragon’s Instagram post. At that time, he said, “You’re so cool, Ji-yong ah. But smoking is a bit not good. Please think of your health and stop smoking. Kwon Ji-yong fighting”.


Young-chul received criticism because his act of talking to someone he has never met before in a casual way without using honorifics offended G-Dragon and his fans.

When the controversy erupted, Young-chul gave a rather absurd answer, saying, “My mother’s surname is also Kwon, so I did it just to make it sound friendly.”

Referring again to this, Young-chul apologized neatly, saying that he said it in a comfortable form of conversation because he thought he knew well about G-Dragon as he was a celebrity.


He then said he sincerely apologized to G-Dragon’s fans if they were offended by his comment.

Young-chul stated that SNS is a free communication space and that his comments looked bad because people only want to see his bad points.

Young-chul also explained that he was only worried about G-Dragon and had never intended to write malicious comments.

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