Hyuna’s former lover Dawn, “I have to find something new and different to feel alive”

Singer Dawn, former lover of Hyuna, revealed his thoughts and the reason why he left P Nation 

Dawn recently appeared on episode 6 of  the web entertainment program “Daeguk Counseling Center”, which was released on the YouTube channel “디글 :Diggle: on December 19th. Here, the singer revealed that he left P Nation and is looking for a new agency. 

When asked about the reason he left P Nation, Dawn said, “I really liked being in the same company as Psy (CEO of P Nation), and he helped me a lot. But I have to find something new and different to feel alive.” 


MC Park Myung Soo then asked if Dawn has received any offers from large agencies, to which Dawn replied, “Fortunately, there are a few places I am very grateful for.”

The singer continued, “I’m very worried. What kind of company is good for me to go to? Isn’t it a good thing to go to a big company unconditionally?” He also mentioned dancing as his strength and showed off his splendid dancing skills. 

dawn park myung soo

On the other hand, Dawn broke up with his recent lover Hyuna following the two’s departure from P Nation. In particular, Hyuna announced the breakup on her Instagram on November 30th, saying, “We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for always supporting us and looking at us beautifully.”

Dawn and Hyuna were in a relationship for 6 years since 2016.It is even known that Dawn has proposed to Hyuna. 

Source: Nate 

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