HyunA confessed, “I got a proposal from Dawn, but I don’t want to get married” 

HyunA revealed her boyfriend Dawn’s behavior on “Radio Star”. 

In the latest episode of MBC’s “Radio Star” broadcast on July 20th, HyunA made a guest appearance with Kim Byeong Ok, Han Young, and Tsuki.

HyunA, who has appeared in “Radio Star” once before, said, “I usually feel anxious about variety shows, but I came to “Radio Star”. Dawn kept coming here, so he has developed love for the show”.

Kim Gura then praised Dawn’s humor, saying, “Dawn was very funny.” HyunA said, “I have no entertainment skills. Dawn is subtly funny.”

At the time of recording, Hyuna revealed that Dawn was working, and Yoo Se Yoon said, “I wonder if he is working with his eyes open.” HyunA said, “As I monitored the show, Dawn had his eyes open the widest here. He was nervous and tried to open his eyes as much as possible. Usually the two of us would appear as guests together, so I could see what happens when we come separately.” 

HyunA thanked “Radio Star” on Dawn’s behalf, saying, “He said the show where he could come out most naturally is ‘Radio Star’. He had fun and feels grateful.” 

HyunA explained that Dawn even wanted to appear as a regular member because of his huge affection for “Radio Star.” 

Also in this episode, Han Young, who got married three months ago, exposed her husband Park Goon’s bad habit of hanging the clothes he wore on the table and not washing his socks. HyunA sympathized with this as she said, “He also told me that he was going to wear the clothes tomorrow anyway, and that socks are clean, so there’s no need to wash them.” 

When Yoo Se Yoon said, “I was scolded for leaving my wallet on the table,” HyunA mentioned that Dawn did the same thing, “He would leave his wallet and car keys on the table where he came to hang out.”

HyunA then confessed, “I got a proposal a while ago, but I don’t want to get married,” making everyone burst into laughter.

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