Hyun Bin’s mischievous side unveiled through behind photos of movie “The Point Man” 

Still cuts showing behind the scenes of the movie “The Point Man” have been released.

“The Point Man” depicts a negotiation operation carried out by a diplomat and a local NIS agent who go to Afghanistan to save Koreans kidnapped by the Taliban.

Unlike the intense atmosphere in the movie, the friendly scene at the filming site revealed through the still cuts caught the eyes of fans. 

The Point man hyun bin

First, Hwang Jung Min, who played diplomat Jung Jae Ho, and Hyun Bin, who appears as NIS agency Park Dae Suk amazed everyone with their playful appearance and extraordinary chemistry on the set even when they were shooting scenes with fierce confrontations. Members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ emergency response team were also seen gathering together and chatting, giving off a pleasant atmosphere that is completely opposite to the serious discussions for the negotiation strategy they had in the movie.

In addition, the production crew and the actors filmed with happy expressions despite the hot weather of over 40 degrees Celsius in Jordan at that time. Hwang Jung Min played with the local kids, Hyun Bin was so focused on the filming and Kang Ki Young smiled brightly at the camera while waiting for his shoot.

The still photos of “The Point Man” allowed viewers to see a glimpse of not only the actor’s passionate acting on the set but also the warm filming atmosphere of the team. The movie can still be screened at theaters in Korea.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bin married actress Son Ye Jin last year and recently welcomed their first son. 

Sources: naver

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