Hyun Bin in 2022: Two soon-to-release movies, one in production, and a possible wedding?

2022 promises to be a productive year for Hyun Bin.

2022 is expected to be a year when the viewers will constantly get to see Hyun Bin on the big screen. Hyun Bin has two movies that are scheduled to hit the theaters later this year, and one that is in the middle of filming. And perhaps 2022 will be even more perfect for the actor if he ends it with a wedding! 

Thanks to Crash Landing On You, not only was Hyun Bin’s popularity taken to even higher levels, he also found the woman of his dreams, Son Ye Jin. Many fans have been wanting the duo to finally tie the knot. Will their wedding take place in 2022 – an extremely busy year for Hyun Bin as an actor?  

Confidential Assignment 2: A promising sequel 

In “Confidential Assignment” released in 2017, Hyun Bin plays North Korean agent Rim Chul Ryung, who comes to South Korea on a mission to avenge his wife and uncover the secret behind what happened. Hyun Bin’s action sequences in the movie are so excellent that he is called “Korea’s John Wick”. And of course, Hyun Bin’s handsome visuals and cool aura never disappoint. Confidential Assignment drew 7.81 million admissions, an admirable number at the time.

Hyun Bin in 2022

In the upcoming sequel called “Confidential Assignment 2: International”, the director has changed, and new characters will be introduced as an FBI agent joins North and South Korean spies in their investigation. In the second part, Rim Chul Ryung returns to Korea to track down a secret organization. Will there be any surprises and additional exciting elements when an FBI agent from the US works with South Korea and North Korean counterparts? The answer is really worth looking forward to!

Hyun Bin in 2022
Yoona is the female lead of the first movie and will return in part 2.

Bargaining: A promising blockbuster

“Bargaining” is a movie project with a budget of up to 14 billion won. The film is based on the true events of 23 Koreans who went to Afghanistan on a mission in 2007 and were kidnapped by the Taliban, a military organization in Afghanistan. Bargaining is a film about the cooperation between a diplomat and NIS special forces in rescuing kidnapped hostages. Hyun Bin takes on the role of a top spy.

Hyun Bin in 2022
Hyun Bin on the set of Bargaining.

In “Bargaining”, Hyun Bin acts alongside movie star Hwang Jung Min, promising to deliver great chemistry. The two have known each other personally off-screen, but have never worked together in an acting project. This time, although their characters in the movie can be considered rivals, their interactions promise to be interesting and cohesive. When the “Bargaining” crew went to Jordan to shoot some scenes, they were rejected at first, but thanks to Korea’s good control of the pandemic, the crew was allowed to enter the country with a commitment to comply with regulations on pandemic prevention in Jordan.

Hyun Bin in 2022
Movie poster

Harbin: A great cinematic work

In 2022, Hyun Bin will continue to work hard as he was cast in Harbin. The movie is expected to be a spy action blockbuster spanning China, Korea and Russia. The film is set in Harbin (China) in the 1900s. Hyun Bin plays a revolutionary activist who risks his life in the war against Japan.

The movie will certainly bring not only great action scenes, but also show emotional portrayals of the characters when facing loneliness, anxiety and responsibility for the country’s destiny.

Hyun Bin in 2022

The movie will be helmed by director Woo Min Ho, who is known for his work on films such as “The Drug King” and “The Man Standing Next”. Hyun Bin accepted the role in “Harbin” because he was impressed with the quality of the script and because the director Woo Min Ho is in charge. Woo Min Ho will be joined by camera director Hong Kyung Po, best known for his work with “Parasite” and “Snowpiercer”, adding a high degree of reliability to the quality of the movie.

Hyun Bin in 2022

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin: They may not be able to get married in 2022

With the blessing of fans around the world, the golden couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have been dating for more than a year. It can be said that this is one of the few couples strongly supported by the public in the entertainment industry. Not only are they beautiful, talented, but their own careers are also top-notch with many successful films and dramas.

Hyun Bin in 2022

Previously, it was reported that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin were expected to get married this year. However, based on the two’s schedules, it seems that holding the wedding is getting difficult. Because Son Ye Jin this year also has two dramas about to air: “39” and “Trees Die On Their Feet”. Fans are still sending good wishes and hoping that their love will stay strong, bloom and soon bear fruit.


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