Hyowon CNC’s co-CEO Kang Ye-won kept silent amid FreeZia’s controversies

Amid controversies surrounding YouTuber FreeZia (real name Song Ji-a), Kang Ye-won, co-CEO of FreeZia’s agency, has been silent for a week.

In particular, Kang Ye-won finished filming as Song Ji-a’s manager on MBC’s entertainment program “Point of Omniscient Interfere“. She also appeared on JTBC’s entertainment program “Knowing Brothers” that aired on Jan 22nd, showing off her close relationship with FreeZia.

Kang Yewon kept silent amid FreeZia's controversies

At that time, Song Ji-ah revealed, “One day, I got a call from an unknown number. I thought it was a joke, but she kept explaining. So I met her and she was really Kang Ye-won. She has a great personality and gives me a good feeling, so I joined her agency.” They were thought to be close, but after Song Ji-a’s ‘fake controversy’, her attitude changed. Song Ji-a is currently under criticism for her use of fake luxury items, as well as remarks she made during her activities as an influencer in China.

Kang Yewon kept silent amid FreeZia's controversies

After Song Ji-a’s controversy blew up, Kang Ye-won deleted all photos taken with Song Ji-a from her personal SNS. After turning off her comments, she completely cut off communication with the public. Moreover, co-CEO Kim Hyo-jin of Hyowon CNC, raised questions by expressing no position when she apologized for some related controversies.

Kang Yewon kept silent amid FreeZia's controversies

Song Ji-a was a part of her agency’s ‘golden spoon branding’, but the public is continuing to turn a cold gaze towards Kang Ye-won, who has been consistently silent. Song Ji-a is an artist that Kang Ye-won directly scouted. Anything that has not been properly revealed should be resolved through responsible explanations. But Kang Ye-won’s silence only fuels more doubts about the controversy.

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