Hyeri shows off her excitement when revealing her bikini for a trip to Jeju 

Hyeri from Girl’s Day challenges herself to become a bikini hot girl on a trip to Jeju.

Hyeri revealed her carrier for her Jeju trip on February 24 through her own YouTube channel. Hyeri said that she had packed a lot of things in case she needed them, and things were constantly coming out of her suitcase.

Hyeri thumbnail

In particular, Hyeri showed off her excitement when taking out a sexy bikini. “I bought a new one,” said Hyeri, smiling brightly as she put the bikini bra on top of her normal clothes. She then took out the bikini pants and gave off Jeju Island hot girl vibes.

Hyeri even seemed prepared to bring her own pillow for a good night’s sleep during her week-long trip.

Source: Naver

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