Hyeri sends a message to herself in her 30s, “It’ll get better, so don’t worry”

Hyeri got emotional during her guest appearance on “You Quiz on the Block”. 

On October 19th, Hyeri appeared as a guest on tvN’s entertainment program “You Quiz on the Block” and talked about various things.

yoo quiz

In particular, Hyeri said what she wanted to say to herself when turning 30, “Hey Hyeri, don’t worry because when you’re 30, you’ll be prettier and things will get better.” 

Hyeri continued, “In your 20s, you’ve worked hard doing everything in a cute, pretty, and lovely way,” while not being able to hold back the tears in her eyes.

yoo quiz

Hyeri added while shedding tears, “And you always think to yourself, ‘I haven’t done anything,’ but you did well.” 

Source: daum

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