Hyeri Reveals Tip For Good Skin+Diet Plan As She Now Weighs 54kg

Actress Hye-ri, a former member of the group Girl's Day, revealed how she is working on self-care.

On May 20th, a video was posted on Hyeri’s channel ‘Hyeri’ with the title ‘Unstoppable self-care even on a day off…?! Vlog’.

In this video, Hyeri showed herself after waking up in the morning. The actress said, “Today is the day to show you my day off. I just woke up. I hasn’t washed my face yet and my skin is so good.” She looked surprised. “My skin has never been good. It’s been four months since I stopped eating carbohydrates, and this (good skin) symptom has appeared since about three months ago. I usually just live regularly on my days off, but when I’m ahead of a work, I don’t miss out on self-treatment even on my days off.”


After washing her face with water, Hyeri sprayed mist on her face. She also applied a lot of pore ampoule, saying, “I focus on pore management because I have nothing to do with my skin trouble.”

Hyeri said that she will continue her diet, adding, “I have set a goal. I will eat Bibimbap on Christmas Eve. I want to eat Bibimbap so badly and I want to eat noodles, too.”


Meanwhile, Hyeri is preparing movies such as “Victory” and “Night Heat” as her next films. She recently made an easy-going announcement that she weighed 54 kilograms.

Source: daum

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