Hyeri once burst into tears after filming a scene in Reply 1988, did she “ship” herself with Jung Hwan?

This is also one of Reply 1988’s most regrettable scenes for the audience.

It’s been 6 years since Reply 1988 aired its final episode, but the drama’s popularity never seems to decrease when it continuously enters the top of trending K-dramas on Netflix. In particular, to this day, the ending of Reply 1988, where Duk Sun (Hyeri) chooses to be with Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) instead of Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), remains a controversial topic among the viewers. Recently, netizens had another opportunity to share their divided thoughts on Duk Sun’s decision when an interview of Ryu Jun Yeol 6 years ago unexpectedly resurfaced.

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Specifically, at the end of Reply 1988, Jung Hwan confesses his feelings to Duk Sun in front of friends, but since he does not have enough courage, he later says that the confession is just a joke. At that moment, Duk Sun’s face flashes with regret. It looks like she also shares a special affection for Jung Hwan. In this important scene, if only Jung Hwan were more serious and brave, perhaps Reply 1988 would have had a different ending. After 6 years, this is still one of the most touching and regrettable scenes. According to Ryu Jung Yeol, although Duk Sun only looked a bit stunned and regretful in the drama, in real life, Hyeri cried a lot while filming this scene. 

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Jung Hwan’s emotional confession scene 

Ryu Jun Yeol commented on the filming, saying that, “When we filmed [the confession] scene Hyeri cried so much. While she was preparing to act as Duksun, she also personally felt like she was saying goodbye to Junghwan. She probably felt like she wouldn’t be able to interact with Junghwan in the future, and she cried a lot because of it. She cried to the point where we weren’t able to continue filming.”

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Based on what was revealed by Ryu Jun Yeol, many viewers feel that perhaps Hyeri also “shipped” her character with Jung Hwan. That’s why she got so emotional that she burst into tears. Moreover, the reason she cried is because after this scene, Ryu Jun Yeol almost finished his role, which means she would have less time to work with him on set. Indeed, Hyeri has been close to her boyfriend since then. 

ryu jun yeol hyeri

Some comments from netizens:

  • Duk Sun’s eyes look a bit teary in that scene. Hyeri must have held back a lot while filming. 
  • Hyeri probably shipped Duk Sun – Jung Hwan too
  • Hyeri is originally a crybaby. She must have felt sorry for Jung Hwan, and regretted not being able to film with her boyfriend anymore.
  • I was only a viewer and I cried so much watching that scene

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