Hyelim recalls her belly fat controversy during Wonder Girls promotions, “It was so embarrassing”

Wonder Girls member Hyelim talked about the controversy over her belly fat in the past.

Wonder Girls Hyelim uploaded on her Youtube channel “Lim’s diary” a video titled “-20kg miracle! From 68kg to 46kg, I will show you how to lose weight!”

That day, Hyelim said, “I’m being very careful when telling you this because the way I did it was not a healthy standard that can be suitable for every people. But for those who are curious, I will honestly show you how”.

Revealing that she was 51kg when she was active as a member of Wonder Girls in 2010, Hyelim smiled at her short hair, saying “My idiot wig appeared again”, adding “I worked hard on dieting at that time. After eating salad, chicken breast, and eggs, I tried to maintain the diet routine planned by my health trainer”.

She recalled and said, “If you eat like that, you may lose weight, but if you are told not to, you will want to eat more. During my trainee days, there was a time when I had to eat dumplings on the stairs. When I was a trainee, I had to calculate calories every time I ate something. I was not good at math but I worked hard to calculate it back then”, adding “However, it turned out to be counterproductive. I didn’t lose weight and only made me stress out even more. Despite being at an age where I should be eating a lot, the pressure of not being allowed to eat prevented me from losing weight.”

Hyelim then showed several photos during the promotion of the full album “Be My Baby” in 2011. She said, “There was a controversy at that time. We took album photos, but they couldn’t edit out my belly fat that was revealed in the shadow. They couldn’t remove the shadow. It pot belly”, adding “It caused a stir. Oh my god. That’s embarrassing”, drawing laughter.

Hyelim confessed that she began to lose weight during “I Feel You” promotion in 2015. She said, “That was when things really changed, and I received compliments for looking prettier in photos.” Regarding her secret, Hyelim shared, “The biggest thing was that I didn’t calculate calories, and it seemed like my baby fat disappeared as I got older. Finally, the number on the scale changed, and I made efforts to follow a diet. I bought a row of kimbap and tried to divide it to eat. And I actually ate less than normal.”

Hyelim also said she lost a lot of weight when she got married. Revealing her weight of 46kg, she said, “I was busy again and received regular body management”. After that, I got pregnant and gained 20kg, recording a weight of 69kg. She shared, “I ate a lot at that time”, adding, “But after giving birth, I didn’t lose weight for 7 months. I felt a little depressed. I received postpartum massages and adjusted my food intake while breastfeeding my child”, drawing attention.

In addition, she stated, “I think the answer to losing weight is definitely not eating a lot. I can’t say it’s a good method, but since I don’t like exercising, I control my dieting meals”, adding “Taking care of Siwoo consumes much of my physical strengths.”

Source: Nate

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