HYBE Tried to Manipulate NewJeans’ Parents? Exposed by New Report 

A recent article from media site Ilgan Sports has exposed HYBE’s attempt at manipulation of NewJeans’ parents. 

On May 28, media site Ilgan Sports exposed HYBE’s media play attempts, including pressuring reporters to write demeaning articles about Min Hee-jin and ADOR. 

In particular, according to Ilgan Sports, HYBE’s top PR representative would go to outlets that reported negative news about the company and demanded they erase the names in the article, but was refused. 

“HYBE publicly revealed that Min Hee Jin had met with its major shareholders but then absurdly demanded us to delete the names of the executives once they were revealed”, the news site also wrote, adding, “After the audit announcement on April 25, HYBE’s head PR representative asked why Ilgan Sports and news outlet A were siding with Min Hee-jin, despite we never doing that, and only wrote about her news conference”

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According to Ilgan Sports, the shaman report is why NewJeans’ parents lost faith in HYBE. In particular, the parents of 3 members of NewJeans met with executives from HYBE, where they are told to not share the shaman news with NewJeans as it may hurt them. However, just 1 hour after this meeting, articles about the shaman were released, leading to parents being unable to trust HYBE. 

On the other hand, the same report from Ilgan Sports also drew criticisms to HYBE by pointing out HYBE claims that rational people will support them while only mindless fans will stand with Min Hee-jin. 

Source: Krb, Ilgan Sports

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