HYBE Attempts to Sabotage NewJeans’ Comeback, Said Netizens 

Just hours after NewJeans’ comeback, claims against NewJeans, leading to HYBE being accused of attempted sabotage. 

On May 24, girl group NewJeans unveiled their new album and official MV for the title track “How Sweet”. 

After just hours of “How Sweet” being released, however, a video appeared and raised plagiarism accusations against the song, at the same time mentioning Min Hee-jin’s allegation of ILLIT copying NewJeans in its caption. 

In particular, the video in question mentioned Midnight Fusic‘s “Summer Love” and Karencitta‘s “F.U.I.L.Y.” along with a snippet of NewJeans’ “How Sweet”, implying that the songs bear close resemblances with each other. 

As the video appeared too quickly, however, netizens remain suspicious, even accusing HYBE of attempting to sabotage NewJeans’ comeback. 


Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Wow, after just mere hours, something like this appears. I just know HYBE is behind this 
  • An account with no videos released a plagiarism accusation within hours of NewJeans’ comeback? There’s definitely something suspicious.
  • The two songs in the video also sound similar, so they are basically saying that these two songs copy each other as well right? 
  • HYBE, are you comedians? Pulling something like this and thinking the public are fools?
  • Do they (HYBE) really think this will work…

Source: theqoo, Krb

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