Hwasa: “I’m Not Great at Marketing But Thanks to Psy, I’ve Changed”

Hwasa expressed her gratitude to Psy, the CEO of her agency

On October 2nd, Hwasa appeared as a guest on Shin Dong-yeop’s YouTube channel. In the video, Hwasa had a conversation with Shin Dong-yeop while drinking makgeolli (Korean rice wine).

Hwasa said, “I’m 29 years old this year, and I regretted it when I rang the New Year’s bell. I felt like I didn’t have enough fun in my 20s. So, I got into drinking for a month. The problem was that my face got too swollen from drinking all month. It was seriously puffy.” 


In response, Shin Dong-yeop explained, “When you drink, you tend to eat a lot, and if you don’t get a hangover the next day, you keep craving something. So, you gradually gain weight.”

Hwasa, who recently joined Psy’s agency, expressed her gratitude, “Having Psy by my side makes me happy.”


Shin Dong-yeop commented, “The good thing about Hwasa meeting Psy is that Hwasa is excellent at singing on stage and expressing her charisma through various performances, but she’s not good at other aspects like marketing. However, I think her perspective will change after meeting Psy. It’s a process of finding the right path.” Upon hearing this, Hwasa repeated her gratitude to Psy, “In that sense, I’m really thankful to Psy.”

Source: Nate

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