Poster for BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo debut was suddenly spread on SNS, stirring up the fan community, but what is the truth?

A poster that confuses the Jisoo fan community because it looks like a teaser photo for her solo debut.

A mystery poster recently riled up the Jisoo (BLACKPINK) fan community. The poster with the words “coming soon Jisoo” was published at 0:00 on December 5. Fans were taken aback by the photo’s appealing design, which piqued fans’ interest when they noticed a silhouette of Jisoo’s back and shining crystal high heels.

jisoo poster
The mysterious photo is being spread widely on social networks
Fans mistakenly thought it was a photo issued by YG because the account is also named YG Family and the image was professionally attached with hashtags.

Many fans even mistakenly think this is a teaser image for Jisoo’s solo debut. However, after fans realized the photo wasn’t shared from YG’s official account, they knew it was just a fan-made product. Nonetheless, the photo has caused a stir among BLACKPINK fans. The “fake” poster has gained over 23,000 likes and almost 9,000 retweets on Twitter within only a few hours.

Many fans, on the other hand, claim that this fanmade poster is even better than the official product from YG. If this is Jisoo’s solo concept, it will undoubtedly cause an uproar and a viral impact across SNS. The poster’s colors, typography, and pictures are all appropriate for Jisoo’s style, reminding fans of the teaser photo for the ballad song.


Jisoo’s current emphasis is on promoting the drama “Snowdrop.” Fans expect that in 2022, she will make her solo debut, following in the footsteps of Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa, who all had successful solo debuts. Jisoo’s solo debut will undoubtedly be a success, thanks to her reputation and the backing of her fans.

Some comments:

  • Please share this photo widely so that YG can know about it.
  • This poster is awesome. At first, I thought this was an official photo.
  • I was in a down mood when I realized it was just a fanmade photo.
  • I love the idea, the crystal high heels look suitable for Jisoo.

A fan-made poster regarding BLACKPINK’s comeback went viral on Twitter earlier in November, prompting YG to issue a correction statement. On social media, the poster with the words Ready For Love and the date of November 26, in particular, generated a commotion. The photo went viral so much that many people mistook it as the official BLACKPINK comeback teaser. This is, in reality, a fan-made product.

Right after that, YG had to correct: “It is true that BLACKPINK is preparing a new project, but the time has not been decided. The content being spread on social networks today is not the official poster from YG Entertainment. So we hope that fans are not confused.”

blackpink fanmade poster
The fanmade teaser image captured the attention of BLACKPINK fans last month
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