Hwang Min Hyun’s appearance changes on “Alchemy of Souls 2” after dieting causes fans to worry

The changed face of Hwang Min Hyun, who plays Seo Yul in “Alchemy of Souls 2”, is drawing keen attention.

On December 28th, an article titled “Hwang Min Hyun in ‘Alchemy of Souls Season 2’ appeared with a different face from Season 1” was posted on various online communities.

Hwang Min-hyun Alchemy of souls 2

In the article, close-up photos of Hwang Min Hyun in Season 1 and Season 2 of “Alchemy of Souls’ were attached to make it easier to compare. The most noticeable details are his cheeks and jawlines. 

In Season 1, Hwang Min Hyun impressed viewers with his soft cheeks and jawlines. However, cheek fat already disappeared from his face in Season 2, and his jawlines are also sharper.

Hwang Min-hyun Alchemy of souls 2

Comparing the last scenes of Hwang Min Hyun in Season 1 to his new image in Season 2, the actor seems to have lost much weight.

A netizen commented, “He said he went on a diet. His appearance really changed”.

Hwang Min-hyun Alchemy of souls 2

Hwang Min Hyun takes on the role of Seo Yul, a prince who is struggling with unknown pain. Regarding Hwang Min Hyun’s character, the production team said, “He will perfectly portray the character with his deep eyes and emotional acting”.

Hwang Min-hyun Alchemy of souls 2

Seeing the changes on Hwang Min Hyun’s face, fans said, “The gap between the filming of Season 1 and Season 2 was not too long… I’m worried about his health”, “He already lost his chubby cheeks… He’s handsome even before or after losing weight”, “He’s still handsome even after dieting”, etc.

“Alchemy of Souls 2” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 p.m. on tvN.

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