Hwang Jung Eum shared a mirror selfie with her husband and son for the first time  

Hwang Jung Eum posted a photo of her family and took it down after only a while. 

On April 7th, Hwang Jung Eum posted a new photo of her onto her personal Instagram story with the caption, “It’s spring”. In the photo, Hwang Jung Eum took a snap while looking at a full-body mirror installed at the entrance of a building. She was wearing a comfortable outfit with a bright yellow midi skirt, an oversized black blazer and sneakers. In one hand, she was holding her son’s backpack.

hwang jung eum

In her next story, the faces of her son and husband Lee Young Don were covered with heart stickers, but a warm and happy moment of her small family was captured. Although Hwang Jung Eum has released photos of her children and husband separately before, this was actually the first time she shared a photo of the three of them together in one frame. Perhaps due to a surprising surge of interest, these stories were later taken down from her Instagram. 

Hwang Jung Ẹum

Hwang Jung Eum gave birth to her second son in March. Last year, she and her husband Lee Young Don decided to reunite after going through a divorce settlement stage.

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