Huening Bahiyyih continues to be “invisible” in “Queendom 2”

Fans raise their voices to protect Bahiyyih, but it seems to somewhat backlash.

Kep1er is one of the 4th generation K-pop idol groups that have made a big impression in recent times. Coming out of the survival show Girls Planet 999, the members all have a certain number of fans who give full support in their activities. However, it’s also because of this that the members have a difference in popularity. Recently, when participating in the program Queendom 2, member Huening Bahiyyih continued to cause controversy when she was rarely shown on screen.

Huening Bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih is the most controversial member since Kep1er’s debut. 

Specifically, on March 24th, Mnet broadcast episode 0 (opening episode) of the competition show Queendom 2. However, Huening Bahiyyih‘s screen time has sparked controversy that she was discriminated against by the TV station.

Bahiyyih‘s fans said that in Queendom 2, she had a bit more screen time than when she participated in the survival show Girls Planet 999. However, the camera lens did not really focus on the female idol, especially when Bahiyyih gives her best on stage. Fans also constantly complained about the way Mnet worked, saying that the crew should change so that the members have more equal screen time.

Huening Bahiyyih
Although Bahiyyih has had more screen time, fans are still not satisfied. 

At the complaints of Bahiyyih fans, many viewers also had mixed reactions. Most think that this is the result of her trying to debut even though she has no outstanding talent and beauty. Others also think that Bahiyyih‘s fans are asking too much, so they should be restrained so as not to affect the image of the idol.

– Why do her fans ask for so many things? She’s so boring but you still want her to have a lot of screentime.

– If you don’t have the talent and ask for a lot of screen time, you’ll either dream or wish for “evil edit”.

– This show has a total of 39 participants, you can tell with no double-think that her talent is ranked the 39th.

– Mashiro doesn’t get as much screen time as this girl, what do you even ask for?

This is not the first time that Bahiyyih has been “invisible” when working with Kep1er. Since the final results of Girls Planet 999, even though she finished in 2nd place, the female idol has been constantly entangled in controversy as many think that she is not capable and beautiful, and her results are all thanks to fans’ votes and her famous brother, who is Huening Kai (TXT).

Huening Bahiyyih
Although she finished 2nd, Bahiyyih was not popular with the audience. 

Despite the criticism of the majority of the audience, Bahiyyih still attempted to debut with Kep1er. In the debut song WA DA DA, she was only given the line with a length of 8.69 seconds, equivalent to 5.8% of the total song. While many other members who finished in lower positions like Shen Xiao Ting, Yujin, or Mashiro all got to sing more.

Even in other songs on the album First Impact, Bahiyyih is also among the members with the least line distribution. This made the female idol’s fans extremely angry, claiming that she was unfairly treated in the group.

Huening Bahiyyih
Bahiyyih sang very little despite finishing in 2nd overall.

During a group fansign, members of Kep1er all received gifts from fans. Only Huening Bahiyyih did not receive anything, making her a little shy and sad. Right after that, the female idol suppressed her sadness and turned to laugh and joke with her teammates.

Witnessing this scene, Huening Bahiyyih‘s fans were extremely heartbroken for their idol. Meanwhile, some viewers still claim that this is the result of “trying to eat sticky rice”.

Huening Bahiyyih
Huening Bahiyyih did not receive any gifts from fans.

The fact that Huening Bahiyyih has many times had little screen time made fans extremely heartbroken and raised their voices for justice. However, the fans’ excessive reaction also caused a backlash, making the audience uncomfortable.

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