How SM artists constantly tease their CEO Lee Soo Man 

Lee Soo Man, founder and CEO of SM Entertainment, is unexpected close with his artists 

Having founded SM Entertainment and participated in the formation of various SM artists, SM CEO Lee Soo Man is close to a lot of them. In return, many SM artists would freely tease and joke with him, making for cute interactions. 

Recently, the concert of the “big family SM” became the talk of town with various outstanding performances and the close atmosphere between the artists and Lee Soo Man. 

In particular, a video that shows SHINee Key, Minho, and Onew copying Lee Soo Man’s way of greeting SM artists gained a lot of attention. The moment was even captured and shown on the concert’s big screen, causing both concert goers and fans all around the world to laugh at the SHINee members’ antics. 

Meanwhile, Super Junior gave Lee Soo Man quite the “headache”, as the group was too busy talking and interacting with fans, to the point their CEO had to repeatedly signal for them to continue performing. Looking at Lee Soo Man’s desperate action, many fans couldn’t help but crack up. 

There was also a moment where NCT Taeyong and Johnny held Lee Soo Man’s hand to lead him onto the stage. The two male idols even pretended to be Lee Soo Man’s “bodyguards”, causing quite the hilarious scene. 

Prior to the concert, Taeyong also shared that he got Lee Soo Man’s card and made a finger heart to express his love for the SM CEO. Seeing this, many audiences joked that Taeyong is a successful fanboy, having got to hold hands with his “idol”. 

Lee Soo Man is also close with female idols under SM, and this is shown through a recent viral photo. In this photo, aespa Ningning was bowing to the SM CEO while showing a cunning expression, leading to people joking that she’s “planning to take over SM”. 

NCT Jeno, meanwhile, found himself wearing “couple clothes” with Lee Soo Man as they departed for the SM concert in Japan. In particular, they both wore a patterned Louis Vuitton shirt and cap, and accidentally matched. 

As SM Entertainment is often called “SM Family”, many compared Lee Soo Man to a tired dad that struggles to contain his naughty children. 

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