Details on the 600-million-won second house of figure skating queen and bride-to-be Kim Yuna 

Kim Yuna’s second house was introduced. 

In the latest episode of Mnet’s entertainment program “TMI NEWS SHOW”, which aired on August 31, the topic was “Best 10 celebrities’ second houses”. Figure skating queen Kim Yuna ranked 8th place. 

As soon as her name was mentioned, Kim Yuna received congratulations from the hosts as she recently announced her marriage to Forestella’s Ko Yoorim and is about to become a bride later this year. It was also revealed that Kim Yuna purchased her second house. MC Boom even speculated that it is “likely to be located in a foreign country”.

In fact, Kim Yuna’s second house is located in Gapyeong, a paradise for water leisure. In December 2014, Kim Yuna sealed the deal on around 717 square meters (217 pyeong) of land and participated directly in the construction. The house was completed in 2016. It is reportedly a three-story building. The first floor is the parking lot, the second floor and the third floor is the house.

Regarding why she chose Gapyeong, local officials speculated that it was because “it is adjacent to Seoul and has mountains and rivers, the best resorts, and water sports that Kim Yuna, an athlete, is interested in.” In addition, the area has good privacy protection, as there are villas for owners of large corporations.

Kim Yuna’s second house was estimated at about 600 million won based on the surrounding market price.

Source: daum

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