BLACKPINK’s lovely next to “sexy ice-cream saleswoman” Selena Gomez, Jennie fooled fans again in the teaser of MV Ice Cream!

The teaser of MV Ice Cream ofBLACKPINK and Selena Gomez has been released, comeback date is coming very close! 

At 9 a.m. (KST) on August 27, YG released the teaser of MV Ice Cream. As announced by the company, Selena Gomez really appears in this MV, now fans can breathe a sigh of relief! Not only appears, but Selena Gomez also turns into a very beautiful, sexy ice-cream saleswoman sitting on an ice cream truck.

MV Ice Cream teaser opens with Selena Gomez transforming into an ice-cream saleswoman, wearing a sexy bikini. Then BLACKPINK members appears one by one, making funny and lovely expressions but only their faces can be seen. 

At first, watching the scene of the YG girl group, there is a possibility that their MV will be filmed outside, fans don’t have to worry whether the MV is a “studio-only” MV anymore. On the other hand, as fans expected, Jennie’s “fake” blue pink ombre hair only appears in the teaser photo! In the new teaser she returns to the traditional black hair, Lisa’s hair is also much shorter. YG’s teaser is always a “trick”!

Although the teaser only lasted a few seconds, it seems that the MV will have a bright and eye-catching color tone. Especially the revealed melody is also the one appeared in the video chat of BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez. This melody was praised as very catchy, and the 5 girls are so beautiful. Ice Cream MV will be released on August 28 and is expected to become a “big success”!

Sources: k14

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