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Honey J reveals prospective groom 1 year younger than her… Tall and handsome

Honey J suddenly revealed her groom-to-be.

At the end of the Oct 14th broadcast of MBC’s “I Live Alone“, Honey J‘s “Love Story” preview was released.

Recently, Honey J suddenly announced her marriage and pregnancy. She also received many congratulations by revealing her second generation’s fetus name “Love”.

i live alone

On this day, Honey J’s mother prepared a special dish for her. Honey J made dumplings, saying, “I heard that if I make dumplings well, I’ll have a beautiful baby.” Then, the grandmother’s generous dining table for the pretty baby “Love” was prepared.

i live alone

At that time, Honey J’s mother took out the baby kimono that Honey J wore when she was a baby. Honey J shed tears, saying, “I suddenly burst into tears.” Her mother also cried, saying, “Thank you for growing up well.”

Honey J prepared a wedding studio surprise for her grateful mother. My mother shed tears, saying, “I’m moved every day.” Mother and daughter showed off their beautiful appearance in wedding dresses side by side and took wedding photos themselves. At that time, Honey J’s groom-to-be appeared as a surprise, calling “Mom”.

i live alone

At this time, the prospective groom’s face was covered, but he drew attention at once by boasting handsomeness and tall height felt from his back side.

Meanwhile, according to Honey J’s agency, Honey J will marry her prospective groom who is one year younger than her on Nov 4th. The agency said, “Family members, relatives and close acquaintances of both families will attend the wedding to share the moment of joy with the couple. We ask for a lot of blessings and support for Honey J, who will begin the second chapter of her life.”

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