“Hometown Chachacha” cast recall memories of making the drama with Kim Seon-ho

It has been more than a month since “Hometown Chachacha” ended, but the actors are still looking back on the memories they made together.

From Shin Min-ah and Cho Han-cheol to the child actors, “Chief Hong” Kim Seon-ho was also present in their memories of “Hometown Chachacha.”

Shin Min-ah looked back at the memories of “Hometown Chachacha” by posting a caption on her Instagram on November 21st, “Summer 2021. Yoon Hye-jin,” along with photos and videos of her preparing for the filming.

The photo showed Shin Min-ah wearing a pure white wedding dress and even a veil. She recalled the moment Yoon Hye-jin was about to marry Hong Doo-sik (Kim Seon-ho), which is also the happiest moment of “Hometown Chachacha.”

hometown chachacha

The following photo showed various images of Shin Min-ah on the set of “Hometown Chachacha” monitoring the filmed video and relaxing on the beach. Actress Gong Hyo-jin commented about Shin Min-ah’s photos, “The dance is very unique. I’m excited watching it.”

Especially, one video posted by Shin Min-ah revealed the moment the family of “Hometown Chachacha” took photos together after filming. Here, you can also see Kim Seon-ho, “Chief Hong,” who is smiling kindly and caring for the other actors.

hometown chachacha

Kim Seon-ho’s image is clear in the actors’ memories of “Hometown Chachacha.” The actor, who played the role of “Hong Doo-sik” in the drama, was nicknamed “Chief Hong,” making viewers fall in love with the character Hong Doo-sik.

Recently, actor Cho Han-chul also recalled the memories of “Hometown Chachacha” by releasing a photo of the actors, which drew attention just as much as the video taken and uploaded by Shin Min-ah.

hometown chachacha

In addition, the child actors also posted photos of “Hometown Chachacha” and Kim Seon-ho. When Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversy over his private life, the drama’s child actors posted on Instagram, saying “I trust only what I saw in person and talk only about what I know. This is the memory I will remember and thanks to which I will be happy for a long time. Dooshik uncle Kim Seon-ho said he was happy.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Hometown Chachacha,” aired from August to October 17, is a drama about a healing romance between realist dentist Yoon Hye-jin (Shin Min-ah) and all-around unemployed Hong Doo-sik (Kim Seon-ho) at Gongjin, a sea village full of salty smell. The drama received much love with a highest rating of 12.7% (16 episodes, based on Nielsen Korea).

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