Highlight medley video of LE SSERAFIM’s first mini-album released, attracting great attention

Hybe’s first girl group ‘LE SSERAFIM’ has come up with spoilers for their debut album.

Source Music released the highlight medley video of LE SSERAFIM‘s first mini-album ‘FEARLESS’ on the official SNS channel at midnight on the 27th. There will be 5 songs to be included in their debut album. The first track is ‘The World is My Oyster‘. The intense rhythm reminiscent of the runway of a fashion show and the psychedelic mood harmonize.

The title song is ‘Fearless‘ with the same name as the album. It is a funk-based alternative pop genre song. It contains the message of moving forward without fear without being shaken by others’ gaze. The ‘Fearless‘ deep bass riff and fun beat lived up to expectations for the performance. In particular, joint producer Bang Si-hyuk participated in making this song, attracting attention.

In addition to this, various genres of songs were recorded. ‘Blue Flame’ is a disco-punk style song. The sophisticated melody created a mysterious atmosphere. Kim Chae-won and Heo Yun-jin participated in writing the lyrics of this song.

Le Sserafim

The Great Mermaid‘ is a song that reinterprets the fairy tale ‘The Little Mermaid’ from the eyes of LE SSERAFIM. The lyrics “I’ll have everything I want, but you can’t make me foamy” is also impressive.

‘Sour Grape’ is a song inspired by ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ in Aesop’s Fables. It describes a mentality where pure curiosity about love and the selfish side of more self-judgment coexist.

Le Sserafim

LE SSERAFIM is the first girl group to be launched in collaboration with Hive and its label Source Music. The group consists of Kim Chae-won, Sakura, Heo Yun-jin, Kazuha, Kim Ga-ram, and Hong Eun-chae. The group’s debut album is expected to have a high level of completion since President Bang Si-hyuk and creative director Kim Seong-hyun participated in the production.

Le Sserafim

In particular, even before their debut, they are receiving explosive responses from global fans. The album ‘Fearless’ surpassed 270,000 pre-orders within a week of pre-orderMeanwhile, ‘LE SSERAFIM will release their first mini album ‘Fearless’ on the 2nd of next month. On the same day, at 8 pm, an online and offline fan showcase will be held. 


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