Pretty high schooler who dreamed of becoming a flight attendant gave birth to a child before graduation without her classmates noticing

The story of Choi Min-ah, a high school mother, giving birth was recently revealed on “High School Parents.”

In the latest episode of MBN’s “High School Parents” aired on March 27, Choi Min-ah told the viewers her story.

Choi Min-ah, who was a senior in high school at the time, told her ex-boyfriend the news after learning she was pregnant. She went to the hospital to double-check with her ex-boyfriend, and confirmed that it was a pregnancy. Choi Min-ah, who dreamed of becoming a flight attendant at the time, decided to abort the child. At that time, her ex-boyfriend said, “I can’t give up (the child) after hearing the sound of her heart,” and said, “Let’s have a baby.”

'High School Dad' Choi Min-ah

While living in confusion, she revealed her pregnancy to her friends. She hid her pregnancy from her parents until she reached her eighth month. After much consideration, Choi Min-ah told her parents, and Choi Min-ah‘s father visited Choi Min-ah‘s ex-boyfriend’s father to negotiate. However, Choi Min-ah‘s father and ex-boyfriend’s father were senior and junior at school. As the two realized this, the atmosphere, which had been cold, changed 180 degrees.

The father-in-law said he approved because she was a good kid, while Choi Min-ah‘s father also allowed his daughter to give birth. Choi Min-ah gave birth to a child safely during vacation and finished her graduation ceremony.

'High School Dad' Choi Min-ah

Choi Min-ah said, “I heard that my father and father-in-law were senior and junior. As soon as my father saw him“, he said, “I’m glad it’s you.” My mom said she was the only one having a hard time (worried about me).

'High School Dad' Choi Min-ah

“I was afraid I’d be expelled, so I hid it until the end and graduated. It was hardly noticeable until the end. I thought it would have ruined my school life if rumors had aroused.”

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