High school student Roh Yoon-seo in “Our Blues” sobs after hearing the heartbeat of her baby in the 6th month of pregnancy

High school student Roh Yoon-seo burst into tears as soon as she heard the sound of her six-month-old fetus’s heartbeat.

In the 5th episode of tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Our Blues” (written by Noh Hee-kyung/ directed by Kim Kyu-tae), which aired on April 23rd, high school student Bang Young-joo (Roh Yoon-seo) and Jung Hyun (Bae Hyun-sung) faced the crisis of Young-joo’s pregnancy. 

Our blues

Kang Ok-dong (Kim Hye-ja) called her son Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) but only asked, “Have you eaten anything?”. Lee Dong-seok got angry at his mother because she phoned him out of the blue. Kang Ok-dong called to inform her son Lee Dong-seok that she was diagnosed with cancer but couldn’t say a word in the end. Without knowing his mother’s condition, Lee Dong-seok harshly said, “Call me when you’re about to die”.

High school student Bang Young-joo was so sick of her father Bang Ho-sik (Choi Young-joon) and Jeju Island, where she can be recognized by everyone so she wanted to move to Seoul when she enters college. However, she unexpectedly got pregnant with the child of Jung Hyun. Jung Hyun lied to his father Jung In-kwon (Park Ji-hwan) that he didn’t have enough living expenses and even collected his first-birthday ring and academy fees to pay for Bang Young-joo’s hospital bill.

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In addition, Jung Hyun bought a drug on the Internet that can be used before the 12th month of pregnancy. Bang Young-joo checked with the doctor she was told to not take any medicine sold on the Internet. During P.E class, Bang Young-joon had a stomachache so she left school early and purposely went to a hospital far away. However, she bumped into Jung Eun-hee (Lee Jung-eun) there. While visiting her client, Jung Eun-hee stopped by the hospital to do a checkup for menopause. Bang Young-joo lied to Jung Eun-hee, saying that she went there due to irregular menstruation.

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Bang Young-joo thought she was pregnant for 3 months but after receiving a checkup, it turned out that she was in the 6th month of her pregnancy. The doctor said, “This is how students are”, and asked Bang Young-joo to bring the consent form signed by her parents because she would have to give birth by inducing labor. Jung Eun-hee told her friend Bang Ho-sik that she saw Bang Young-joo at the OB/GYN clinic. Bang Ho-sik thought his daughter was having irregular menstruation because she couldn’t eat well so he bought beef for her.

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Jung Hyun posted on the Internet, “My girlfriend is pregnant. I don’t have the confidence to give birth or raise a baby. My girlfriend says she will have an abortion. What worries me the most is my girlfriend’s body. Does the surgery hurt you a lot? Do you feel better after terminating a pregnancy? After getting an abortion, does everything become nothing? Will my girlfriend and I be able to go back to the way we were?” However, people only advised that he should buy medicine.

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Bang Young-joo told Jung Hyun, “I’m massaging my soles with a golf ball. I read on the Internet that stimulating the soles can cause the uterus to contract and cause miscarriage as well. The baby will just disappear without anyone knowing. I asked a senior I know, and some hospitals do surgery for over-20-week fetuses. I’m going alone. If you come, I can’t do it.” But the next morning, Jung Hyun belatedly took a taxi and caught up with Bang Young-joo’s bus.

Jung Hyun entered the doctor’s office as Bang Young-joo‘s guardian. The doctor said, “The baby is healthy.” The sound of the baby’s heart made Bang Young-joo and Jung Hyun cry. Especially, Bang Young-joo sobbed, “Doctor, don’t do it. I don’t want to hear the baby’s heartbeat. I’m scared.”

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