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“He’s like me”…Jeon So Min’s emotional confession, highest rating of 7.3% (Running Man)

SBS’ “Running Man” continued its upward trend in ratings.

Running Man“, which aired on Feb 12th, rose to the highest viewership rating per minute of 7.3% (households in the metropolitan area, Nielsen Korea), showing an increase compared to last week.

The members made Kimchi Sujebi (Handpulled Dough Soup), Grilled Dried Pollack and Grilled Sand Eel. “General chef” Yang Se Chan was active in all directions. He helped Jeon So Min, who tore all the flesh because she did not know how to trim sand eel, and showed meticulousness by secretly putting seasoning into Yoo Jae Suk‘s sujebi broth, which added too much water.

running man

Yoo Jae Suk exclaimed, “It’s no joke, the broth is so delicious.” Yang Se Chan couldn’t bear to reveal the fact that seasoning was added. For the members who succeeded in the difficult cooking mission, the production team provided time to pick gifts. Song Ji Hyo won the right to transfer the penalty, and Haha caused laughter as he received a photo stand of Yang Se Chan.

Afterwards, the members chatted. Haha asked Jeon So Min, “When are we going to have a get-together?” Hearing this, Song Ji Hyo said, “Why should Haha join, let’s meet among young people.” Yoo Jae Suk added, “I’ll just come to the point. We’re ‘Burning Youth’.”

running man

During the recreation time, Jeon So Min expressed her concern, “It’s hard to meet people these days.” Kim Jong Kook said, “Then don’t meet, this is simple. I do most of my daily routine alone.” Jeon So Min looked emotional, saying, “Kim Jong Kook’s day is very like my life.”

Later, Kim Jong Kook, who had the right to select the product, got a high-end brand body lotion from Jeon So Min. He surprised everyone by delivering it to Jeon So Min. This scene recorded the highest viewership rating per minute of 7.3% and occupied the “best minute”. Jeon So Min expressed her gratitude.

Meanwhile, in the “freeze tag” game, Yang Se Chan won a total of two transfer rights, including Song Ji Hyo’s right and one remaining right. Compared to Yang Se Chan, Haha gave big laughter until the end as he left work with only Yang Se Chan’s photo stand.

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