“Help me, Lee Seung-gi”… Netizens summon “weather fairy” Lee Seung-gi amid severe heavy rain damage

In the midst of severe heavy rain damage in Seoul, the metropolitan area and the central region, Lee Seung-gi, who was called “weather fairy” on online communities, was summoned.

As the late rainy season began on August 8th, water bombs of more than 140mm per hour poured in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi and the metropolitan area. It is the worst downpour in 115 years. The heavy rain is expected to continue until tomorrow (August 10th), so a heavy rain advisory has been issued in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon.

lee seung gi

In response, netizens started to search for Lee Seung-gi through online communities. Probably because he is famous as “weather fairy” in the entertainment industry. In the past, a video titled “Where’s Lee Seung-gi? Are you in Korea? That’s a relief. Interview with singer Lee Seung-gi, who returned to his main job” was uploaded on the YouTube channel “MMTG”. MC Jaejae introduced, “Lee Seung-gi escaped a typhoon. I heard he’s a human talisman.”

While finding out when “weather fairy” began, Jaejae said, “After the Pyeongchang Water advertisement, he left for Japan to host the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. Then there was a large-scale blackout in Korea. When he entered Korea, the impact of Typhoon Bolaven suddenly decreased. Even when the COVID-19 crisis broke out, people looked for where Lee Seung-gi was. Then he posted on SNS ‘I’m in Korea, don’t worry’.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung-gi confessed, “There was a moment when I felt I was incredibly lucky with the weather.” Jaejae made everyone burst into laughter by saying, “Aren’t you Samzang Monk? Even during the festival, it stopped raining only when you came out, then it rained again after your performance. Do you know anyone from the Korea Meteorological Administration?”

It is not just this. When appearing on JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” last year, he surprised everyone by revealing, “I haven’t experienced a typhoon in years.”

lee seung gi

On KBS2TV’s “Stopping on the Road Once in a While”, Lee Sun-hee mentioned the fact that Lee Seung-gi is a weather fairy, “In fact, there was a 70% chance of rain on the day of filming, but I wasn’t worried thanks to Seung-gi.”

Lee Seung-gi honestly replied, “It’s a little burdensome now. (My acquaintances) often ask me to come to their areas if it’s going to rain. I once booked a plane ticket and canceled it because it rained a lot, but I couldn’t tell you since I was afraid the ‘weather fairy’ energy might be broken.” This anecdote is currently being re-examined. Netizens are looking for him (?), saying, “Help me, Lee Seung-gi.”

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