Heize reveals her current situation but her skinny appearance worries fans

Singer Heize revealed how she has been doing.

On March 6th, Heize posted two photos on her Instagram account with a short caption “2 mirrors”.

Heize drew attention as it seems like she has lost so much weight. Heize in the released photos boasted her skinny waist and appearance without cheek fat. Therefore, netizens expressed their worries about the singer’s health condition.


Heize was absent from the 31st High1 Seoul Music Awards, which was held in January. Hyuna, who appeared on the stage and received the prize instead of Heize, said, “Heize is very sick these days. She didn’t let anyone know because fans would be worried”

Meanwhile, Heize released “When it snows”, her collaboration song with Lee Mu-jin, in December last year.

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