“He wasn’t that good at singing”, Im Ji Yeon, a classmate, revealed about EXO Suho

An actress who studied at Korean National University of Arts and friend of EXO Suho shared an anecdote on the past 

In the October 27th episode of an SNS travel TV show, Lee Kyu Hyun, Lee Sang Yi, Lee Yoo Young, Im Ji Yeon, and EXO Suho can be seen traveling to Australia. 

if i go just once

They arrived in Australia in unusually heavy rain and unpacked their bags at their accommodation, at the same time getting impressed by the view of a river flowing in the front year. Lee Kyu Hyung decided on using a single room, while Lee Yoo Young – Im Ji Yeon and Suho – Lee Sang Yi decided to use two double rooms. 

As they settled down for dinner, the group started to discuss their time at the Korean National School of Arts. As it turns out, Lee Sang Yi and Lee Yoo Young are from the same class in the same department.

exo suho if i go just once

“We are the legendary class 10. There are many well known people in our class, such as Kim Go Eun, Park So Dam, and Ahn Eun Jin,” Lee Sang Yi said. 

exo suho if i go just once

Meanwhile, Im Ji Yeon and Suho were in the same class of 2009. Suho and Lee Sang Yi flaunted their friendship, saying, “We met yesterday too”. On the other hand, Im Ji Yeon revealed as Suho started to sing beautifully, “He wasn’t that good at singing in the past”. 

Then, Lee Sang Yi looked at Lee Kyu Hyung – the only member who was not from the same school, and said, “I’m sorry we only talked about the school today.” At this, Lee Kyu Hyung invoked laughter by jokingly said, “I will get up first.”

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On the other hand, Im Ji Yeon praised, “This is so comfortable and good. He’s like a sweet older brother I have known for a long time”.

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