“He was really a devil”… Stories about Chun Jung-myung’s days as an assistant instructor

Actor Chun Jung-myung’s notoriety when he was an assistant instructor was re-examined.

Recent posts related to Chun Jung-myung had many comments reminiscing about his days as an assistant instructor. His past notoriety as a “devil assistant instructor” was true. A netizen who identified himself as a trainee at the training center where Chun Jung-myung worked as an assistant instructor recalled, “When I was a trainee, Sergeant Chun Jung-myung was an assistant instructor for individual battles. He was really a devil.”

Actor Chun Jung-myung

Chun Jung-myung, a former assistant instructor in the recruit training center of the 30th Division, was already aware of the notoriety surrounding him. When appearing on MBC’s entertainment program “Real Men” that aired in March 2014, Chun Jung-myung confessed, “When I went on patrol once as an assistant instructor, there were remarks disparaging me, such as ‘Wow, it’s Chun Jung-myung’ and ‘He’s shorter than I thought’. I went in right away and asked the person who called my name to come out. If he didn’t come out, I’d punish all of them.”

Actor Chun Jung-myung

Chun Jung-myung also showed affection for his military colleagues by sharing posts on Instagram to reminisce about his military days. Meanwhile, Chun Jung-myung announced a new start in December last year as he signed an exclusive contract with HB Entertainment, an actor agency.

Actor Chun Jung-myung
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