Having same exaggerated acting style, some Korean stars are praised, others are criticized

Here are some overacting actresses of the Korean screen who receive mixed opinions.

Both exaggerated and stiff acting are not reasonable and convincing ways of portraying the characters. However, while the stiff actors often receive bad comments from the audience, exaggerated ones are otherwise. Not everyone who overreacts is criticized, some are even praised and receive nominations and major awards.  

Hwang Jung Eum 

Any viewer must admit that Hwang Jung Eum is a capable actress of the Korean film industry, when with different genres she will have different ways of acting to suit them. But every time she does a rom com or a family drama, everything on Hwang Jung Eum’s face gets exaggerated a lot. Her exaggeration in High Kick part 2 is quite mild, but in She Was Pretty, it is extremely obvious in the first stage of the drama. 

hwang jung eum

However, instead of being criticized, Hwang Jung Eum is very popular for her outrageous performance in these dramas. Her acting also rarely gets criticized in these two dramas as well as others. 

hwang jung eum

Lee Hyeri 

Although she still often gets lead roles on the Korean small screen, since Reply 1988, Lee Hyeri has not had any more good roles. The character Sung Duk Sun is exactly like Lee Hyeri in real life, so she didn’t have to try too hard. Many thought that Lee Hyeri would become a Kpop acting idol but no, it was all just luck. 


Lee Hyeri’s later films such as ‘My Roommate Is a My Roommate‘ or When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon, her performance is quite monotone and the expression is more and more overdone. Many say that not only did she not retain the luck from Reply 1988, but Lee Hyeri’s acting also seems to worsen. 


Kim So Yeon 

Many would agree that Kim So Yeon is a capable actress, but they also hesitate to say that they completely like her acting. Her acting in Iris, Prosecutor Princess or Secret Mother for example are liked by many, but when it comes to Penthouse, things are quite different. Seasons 2 – 3 it’s better, but Kim So Yeon used too much of her facial expressions in season 1, making everything become unnecessarily dramatic. 

kim so yeon

Except for the ecstatic piano scene, Kim So Yeon’s emotional scenes are more exaggerated than usual. However overacting she may be, her acting is still highly appreciated by experts by granting her Best Actress award at the Baeksang Arts Awards 2021 and the Grand Prize – Daesang at the SBS Drama Awards the same year. 

kim so yeon

Choi Ye Bin 

On the other hand, Choi Ye Bin, who plays Kim So Yeon’s daughter in Penthouse, was criticized a lot by the audience due to her acting with gritting teeth and rolling her eyes. 

choi ye bin

Anyone who has watched the drama knows that Ha Eun Byeol is not as stable as her peers, she easily gets excited and angry, so it is normal for her expressions to be a bit too much. The important thing is that Choi Ye Bin’s expression is too exaggerated, it also scares viewers, true to the spirit that the scriptwriter wants to convey in the character Ha Eun Byeol.

choi ye bin

Kim Se Jeong 

The drama Business Proposal in which Kim Se Jeong is playing the female lead is an adaptation of a webtoon and also a rom com, so if she overdoes her acting, it’s completely understandable. But how fortunate that Kim Se Jeong’s exaggeration as Shin Ha Ri matches the character extremely well and is also praised as the brightest charm of this drama. 

A Business Proposal

Of course, there are still some comments saying they don’t feel or don’t like Kim Se Jeong’s exaggeration. However, compared to the number of compliments, those unpleasant words are insignificant. 

Han Hyo Joo 

Owning both the Best Actress Award and Grand Prize – Daesang, but Han Hyo Joo‘s acting is still controversial to the public, especially in the drama Two Worlds. Somehow, the acting of this stunning beauty has plummeted since the drama’s release in 2016. 

han hyo joo

It’s not the monotone expressions in every scene, but Han Hyo Joo’s expression in this drama is always overdone, far from her delicate acting in the past. Maybe it’s because of the script’s request, but Two Worlds has good results while Han Hyo Joo’s acting being inversely proportional is quite questionable.

han hyo joo
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