Harry Styles hit in his “important part” by a water bottle thrown by a fan during a performance

The reaction of pop star Harry Styles after being hit by a water bottle from the audience has become a hot topic 

Singers are being harmed by the excessive behavior of some fans during their performance. For instance, In 2015, during a concert in Shanghai, IU was hit in the face by a water bottle that flew from the audience.

Now, Harry Styles, a pop star from the world-famous boy group “One Direction”, also suffered from the same issue.

In particular, a video at Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” concert at the United Center in Chicago, USA, contained a “funny happening” and has become a hot topic online. 

From the video, it can be seen that while talking with fans during the performance, an audience member threw a water bottle, which hit the singer right in his critical area. 

harry style

Harry Styles then stopped talking because of the pain, grabbed the part that was hit and bent down, but couldn’t get up for a while. After not being able to move for a couple of minutes and swallowing the pain, he shook off his legs and stood up again.

harry styles

Later on, the singer said “I’m Sorry”, jumped again, and continued to enjoy the performance with his fans. 

The fact that Styles continued to perform for fans again right after being hit surprised many.

harry styles

Seeing this, fans gave responses like, “Why did it have to hit there…”, at the same time expressed their admiration by saying, “He’s a champion himself”, “I was worried, but I’m glad”, and “He looked like a professional”.

On the other hand, Harry Styles is a member of the representative boy group One Direction in the 2010s, who enjoyed worldwide popularity before BTS.

harry styles

In 2010, he applied as a solo artist to the British audition program “The X Factor”.

At the time, Harry Styles was well-received for his cute appearance and beautiful voice, but unfortunately was eliminated from the finals.

harry styles

However, with the help of judges Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell, who recognized his talent, the singer was given the opportunity to try again as a team with four other contestants, and they finished third.

harry styles

As a result, a group called One Direction was born.

One Direction debuted under a contract with Simon Cowell’s agency, and enjoyed worldwide popularity with numerous hit songs such as “What Makes You Beautiful”, “Kiss You”, “Best Song Ever”, “Summer Love”, and “Perfect”.

One direction

Harry Styles made his acting debut in 2017 with the Christopher Nolan’s film “Dunkirk”, and released a solo album in the same year, continuing his immense popularity as a singer-songwriter.

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