Hani posts a meaningful message on SNS, expressing her desire to love and trust more

Hani, a former member of EXID, is receiving attention for a post she made on social media.

On the 8th, Hani posted a message on her Instagram starting with “I’m practicing saying ‘no’ more often because I want to love and trust more.”


Hani added, “I’m afraid that my immature and delicate attempts at rejection might hurt someone, but please be patient with me with a generous heart.”

Accompanied by this message, she shared several photos that appeared to have been taken during a photoshoot.

In the photos, Hani looks at the air with a blank expression, and in the video, she smiles subtly, capturing the attention of viewers.


After seeing the photos, online users responded with comments such as “cool,” “so pretty,” and some showed concern and curiosity, saying “the post is significant, wonder if something happened.”

Meanwhile, Hani admitted last year that she was in a relationship with a 10-year-older psychiatrist specialist, Yang Jae-woong.

Source: insight

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