Hanhae, “Mi-joo asked if I was cheating on her with Yu-ju… I felt guilty for some reason”

Hanhae mentioned Mi-joo on “Cultwo Show”.

In the “Let’s go half the way” of SBS Power FM’s “Escape at 2 p.m, Cultwo Show”, which aired on April 12th, Yoo Min-sang and Hanhae spent time doing quizzes with listeners.

Referring to Hanhae and Yu-ju’s duet live performance of “Spring Is Gone By Chance”, Kim Tae-gyun said, “I saw many posts complimenting that you two looked so sweet. But I think Mi-joo also watched the broadcast. She contacted me and said, ‘Oppa, is my boyfriend cheating on me?’”.


Hanhae confessed, “Kim Tae-gyun screenshotted and sent it to me. For some reason, I felt so guilty. So I sent a message to Mi-joo, saying, ‘I’m was so sorry’. I just felt like cheating on someone. Then our conversation ended ambiguously and I spent several few days later feeling uncomfortable”. 

Hanhae then complained, “While watching TV recently, I saw Mi-joo flirting with a male actor on ‘Sixth Sense’. I felt uneasy for a few days and wondered what it was. I kept saying ‘that’s just a business relationship’ to myself every time”.

When Kim Tae-gyun asked “Who do you have a business relationship with between Mi-joo and Yuju?”, Hanhae answered, “If I had to choose one of them, it would definitely be Mi-joo.”

Hearing this, Yoo Min-sang said, “But why do you keep talking about it? I’m not interested at all. I just wonder if she’ll do the same gag when she’s with me. That’s what I’m curious about.”

Charismatic Mijoo 1

As Hanhae mentioned comedian Kim Min-kyung, saying “Isn’t there Kim Min-kyung?”, Kim Tae-gyun made everyone laugh by pointing out, “Hanhae and Mi-joo are being talked about by other people, while Kim Min-kyung and Yoo Min-sang are talking about themselves.”

When Kim Tae-gyun asked “Who do you want to be involved with that is not a business?”, Yoo Min-sang replied, “Anyone but Kim Min-kyung is possible.” Kim Tae-gyun asked again, “How about Shin Bong-sun?”

In response, Yoo Min-sang confessed, “I’m not sure about Shin Bong-sun. Shin Bong-sun is my friend. I’ve seen her for 20 years. I, Shin Bong-sun and Park Hwi-soon were the Bermuda Triangle, but as Park Hwi-soon left, only me and Shin Bong-sun remained.”

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