Han Ye-seul Has Perfect MBTI Match With 10-years-younger Husband+Her Travel Preference Changes For Him

Actress Han Ye-seul expressed her affection for her husband.

On May 10th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel of “WWD KOREA” featuring its interview with actress Han Ye-seul.

In this video, when asked about her MBTI, Han Ye-seul said, “It’s ENTP. People say it’s a boy’s MBTI. I don’t know if it’s true,” smiling. “My boyfriend is an INTJ. People say it’s a very good match.”

han ye seul

In addition, Han Ye-seul also shared, “I like to take a rest by going on a trip because I can completely separate myself from the stressful environment.” Han added, “I like traveling and relaxing the most.” When asked about her favorite city, Han said, “Until recently, I had liked Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, etc., but recently, I like southern cities in Italy and southern France. I like Mediterranean cities.” Han explained, “Now that I have a lover, I think my taste in travel destinations has changed.”

Meanwhile, Han Ye-seul surprised fans with her marriage announcement on her YouTube channel on the 7th.

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