Han So Hee updates SNS with photos of her first movie, overseas fans react “She looks like BTS Jungkook?”

Actress Han So Hee shared the first movie she watched.

On May 31st, Han So Hee posted two photos on her personal SNS accounts.

Among them, there is a still cut from the movie “The Doll Master”. Han So Hee explained her post by adding a short caption, saying “The first movie of my life”.


Pointing out that actress Lim Eun Kyung’s appearance in the movie resembles BTS member Jungkook, overseas fans commented, “Why is Jungkook here?”, “I thought it was Jungkook”, etc. On the other hand, Korean netizens reacted, “Some foreigners are saying she looks like Jungkook? That’s weird”, “They don’t look like each other at all”, etc.


Meanwhile, Netflix’s drama “Gyeongseong Creature (Season 1)”, starring Han So Hee and Park Seo Joon) will premiere this year. Set in the darkest spring of 1945, it is a creature thriller about two young people confronting a monster born out of greed for survival. Season 2 production has been confirmed and is being filmed.

Source: Nate

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