Han So-hee Endured Blatant Harassment from Foreign Men in Public

Actress Han So-hee recently faced an unfortunate case of harassment from foreign men as she took a public bus.

On July 4, Han So-hee shared a short clip on her personal Instagram, capturing simple, everyday moments of her life. In the video, the A-list star surprised many by using a public bus to enjoy the night view.

However, the public’s attention was particularly drawn to the actions of a group of foreign tourists sitting near Han So-hee on the bus. According to a Newsen journalist, these men laughed at the Korean actress without any reason and made disrespectful gestures towards each other. Faced with this public mockery, the 1994-born beauty remained calm and unbothered. Interestingly, Han So-hee posted the clip herself but used background music to mask the actual sounds and words of these men.

han so hee
Han So-hee ignored the mocking actions of the foreign men around her.

On social media forums, Korean netizens expressed their outrage over the situation Han So-hee faced while using public transportation. 

Comments such as “I hope Han So-hee wasn’t disturbed,” “Those men were really rude,” “I feel like those foreign men might have harassed Han So-hee as well. Look at their expressions,” and “It seems like she was being harassed”, can be seen under related topics. 

han so hee

This isn’t the first time an Asian celebrity has been mocked by foreigners in public. Last September, popular Chinese actress Zhao Lusi was openly mocked by two Italian women simply for making the familiar V-sign pose common in many Asian countries. The two women kept imitating Zhao Lusi’s actions and gestures while laughing at her in front of the camera.

Previously, Kpop legend Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d) was approached and subjected to racial discrimination by a group of foreigners while filming on the streets of Belgium for a TV show. Additionally, actor Jung Jun-ha (“High Kick!”) was also mocked by foreigners during a filming session for “Infinity Challenge” in a building in the US eight years ago.

actor china
2 Italian women mimicked Zhao Lusi’s pose and laughed in a smug manner.
Kpop legend Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d) was mocked by a group of foreigners on the streets of Belgium.
Actor Jung Jun-ha was also mocked by foreigners while filming in a building in the US back in 2016.

Source: K14, Krb

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