“10 years of ‘mouth lawsuits’” Despite HYBE’s lawsuits against cyber wreckers, mockery towards BTS and NewJeans spreads

Recently, HYBE's requests for the disclosure of information about cyber wreckers have been repeatedly dismissed

According to Sports Kyunghyang on July 3rd, HYBE’s request for the disclosure of information regarding the Guilty Archive account on X (formerly Twitter), filed on June 28th with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, was dismissed.

HYBE filed the information disclosure request with X, alleging that the user with the Guilty Archive ID had posted false information about BTS. Additionally, in May, they filed a related complaint with the Seoul Yongsan Police Station.

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In the complaint, HYBE claimed that Guilty Archive had spread false information about BTS’s association with Dahnworld and the disbandment and debut process of girl group GFRIEND on their X account.

Previously, on June 5th, HYBE’s information disclosure requests regarding YouTube channels such as Issue Feed and Short Chajang were also dismissed for reasons similar to those of Guilty Archive.

Furthermore, HYBE requested information disclosure from Google regarding the YouTube channel “7th Grade Middle School”, which had been continuing to slander girl group NewJeans. However, Google did not comply with this request.


The operator of “7th Grade Middle School” mocked HYBE’s legal actions. On June 19th, the operator posted in the community section of their YouTube channel, saying, “Why ‘7th Grade Middle School’ is lucky” and “It wasn’t intentional, but since I only used the telecommunication company’s IP and at the time requested by HYBE (last October), I wasn’t living at the registered address. If Google and time are on my side, I might not get caught.”

After posting this, the “7th Grade Middle School” channel was reportedly deleted voluntarily rather than due to any legal ruling.

Additionally, HYBE recently submitted an information disclosure request concerning “Sojang” to the U.S. federal court. However, as HYBE’s legal actions against cyber wreckers continue to fail, BTS’s fans have expressed their dissatisfaction.

A BTS fan wrote on an online community, “Despite fans spending countless hours sending thousands of PDFs, the agency has never mentioned DC Inside BTS Gallery in their legal notices. After over 10 years of ‘mouth lawsuits’, neither fans nor many antis believe the agency’s legal notices, leading to an increasing spread of rumors about the members.

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