Han Ji Min “Thank you so much”… Moved by snack truck from Ryeo Won and Ko Hye Jin

Actress Han Ji Min was moved by the gift from her close friends.

On Dec 28th, Han Ji Min posted several photos with the caption “Ryeo Won, Hye Jin! Thank you so much“.

Han Ji Min

The photos showed Ryeo Won and Ko Hye Jin visiting Han Ji Min’s filming site. The appearance of the two people who even sent a snack truck to support Han Ji Min drew attention.

Han Ji Min Ryeowon

On the panel of the snack truck, there are sensible phrases such as “We believe in ‘Hip’ staff“…

Han Ji Min appeared to express her gratitude by taking a proof shot with her arms crossed with Ryeo Won. The warm atmosphere of the three close friends attracted viewers’ attention.

Han Ji Min Ryeowon

Meanwhile, Han Ji Min is in the midst of filming JTBC’s “Hip” (working title), which will air in 2023.

Source: Nate

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