Han Ji Min and Jung Eun Hye warm viewers’ heart with photos of their hangout 

The pair of actresses expressed a close relationship with hand-holding and back hugs. 

On March 3rd, Han Ji Min appeared to be on a date with Jung Eun Hye, saying, “Date with Young Hee after a while.” 

Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye

“Young Hee” was the name of Jung Eun Hye’s character in “Our Blues.” It’s clear that, even after the filming, Ji Min and Eun Hye still keep in touch and maintain a special relationship. They were holding hands and giving back hugs in the released pictures, boasting a sisterly bond.  

Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye
Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye

Jung Eun Hye was known for playing Han Ji Min’s twin sister in tvN’s “Our Blues,” which ended in June last year. Jung Eun Hye won the title of “The First Actor with Down Syndrome in a Korean Drama,” and has since continued her activist activities with individual exhibitions and book publications.

Han Ji-min Jung Eun-hye

Han Ji Min expressed her bond with her castmate by visiting Eun Hye’s exhibitions and claimed to be a “promotional fairy” for them. Hong Hyun Hee and Shim Jin Hwa left comments to show that they were touched by the reunion of the pair of on-screen, and off-screen, sisers. 

In addition, Han Ji Min will make a comeback with JTBC’s new drama “Behind Your Touch” (working title). The drama tells the story of a veterinarian Ye Bun with psychometric superpowers and a passionate detective Jang Kyul. They are both involved in solving minor crimes in a small village called Mujin.

Source: Daum

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