Han Hyo-joo Shows Confidence in Her Wounded Appearance On Set of “Moving”: “Have to Be a Bit Scruffy to Look Pretty”

Han Hyo-joo has captured attention with her professional appearance when shooting “Moving”

On September 21st, BH Entertainment revealed behind-the-scenes footage of the final shooting of Han Hyo-joo’s ‘Moving‘ shooting through their official YouTube channel.

In the video, Han Hyo-joo explained the day’s shooting, “Today is the long-awaited ending scene. It’s the end of the 20-episode series. The very end. It’s the ending.” In the video, Han Hyo-joo, wearing a green scarf and gray knitwear, looked at the camera with a makeup-free face. She realistically portrayed her character with tightly tied hair and a face full of wounds.

Han Hyo-joo

When the production team asked Han Hyo-joo, “Why do you always look so shabby these days?” She smiled brightly and said, “I have to be a bit scruffy to look pretty.” She then asked, “Don’t I look pretty?” and playfully fluttered her eyelashes. When the production team responded, “Yes, your visuals are very good today,” Han Hyo Joo said, “What’s with that reaction? I even winked on purpose,” and continued winking at the camera.

After starting the shooting, Han Hyo-joo made mischievous expressions in front of the camera and then began rehearsing. After finishing the rehearsal shooting with concentration, she carefully monitored the footage.

Han Hyo-joo

Han Hyo Joo introduced actor Lee Jung-ha, saying “He’s my son”. She pointed to Lee Jung-ha’ padding and said, “He has been wearing this padding jacket from last winter until this summer. Poor my son, he still has one more shoot. Fighting”.

After the filming, Han Hyo-joo smiled happily when the production staff applauded her. She said, “You worked hard, everyone“. Later, she got emotional when receiving a handwritten letter from Lee Jung-ha. Expressing her gratitude, the actress said, “I’ll read it when I get home”.

Han Hyo-joo

Lastly, Han Hyo Joo’s agency prepared a gift for her. Exclaiming in surprise, she looked at the camera and wondered, “What happened?”. The actress wrapped the filming with a bright smile while holding a cake.

Meanwhile, Disney+’s drama “Moving”, starring Han Hyo-joo, is about children living in the present while hiding their super powers and their parents hiding their painful secrets in the past. It ended on September 20th.

Source: daum

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