Here’s why Han Ga In threatened to hold a press conference to cancel the wedding with Yeon Jung Hoon the day before 

Married couple Han Ga In and Yeon Jung Hoon have a famous story behind their wedding. 

In 2005, at the young age of 24, Han Ga In married Yeon Jung Hoon, the son of senior actor Yeon Gyu Jin. At that time, the marriage between the two was a very hot topic. 

Han Ga In Yeon Jung Hoon

Han Ga In, who never appeared on separate broadcasts other than acting, has gone on a number of entertainment programs this year, taking off her mystery, and is receiving love for her easy-going charm.

Han Ga In Yeon Jung Hoon

Han Ga In also disclosed her candid family history and marriage life through these broadcasts. She recently revealed another surprising fact. That she couldn’t spend her first night of marriage with her husband because of filming.

At the time, Han Ga In had a busy schedule filming the drama “Super Rookie”. On the day of her wedding, she filmed until 6 in the morning, slept only 3 hours, and went to the wedding. The next morning, she continued filming from 4.

So, Han Ga In had no choice but to leave behind the groom, Yeon Jung Hoon, to prioritize filming. It was a situation where Yeon Jung Hoon couldn’t help but be disappointed. But here’s a twist!  

Han Ga In

The day before the wedding, Han Ga In was so angry at Yeon Jung Hoon, that she asked to hold a press conference to cancel the wedding. 

Han Ga In

Han Ga In was so stressed out due to the filming and wedding overlapping that she called Yeon Jung Hoon and threatened to “hold a press conference to cancel their marriage tomorrow.” Yeon Jung Hoon immediately came running to her and even got down on his knees to beg her to keep the wedding going.

Source: Daum

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