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Han Ga-in on “2 Days 1 Night”: “I’ll kill you all, banned from drinking after pregnancy”

Han Ga-in confessed why she liked drinking but quit because of her children.

The latest episode of KBS2’s entertainment show “2 Days 1 Night Season 4“, which aired on the afternoon of April 10th, depicts a spring trip with the real couple Yeon Jung-hoon and Han Ga-in.

Han Ga-in-2 Days 1 Night

Han Ga-in said she was at her life’s most perfect weight while filming “Once Upon A time in High School“. She confessed, “My weight that time was almost about my weight when I was pregnant. However, I didn’t eat much while preparing for my pregnancy, for my first child was 11 months and the second was 12 months,” she said.

Han Ga-in-2 Days 1 Night

Han Ga-in said, “When you’re nursing, you can’t eat spicy food, alcohol, coffee, etc. and have to stay with your baby 24 hours a day. So I stopped drinking. It’s been seven to eight years since I’ve had a drink. In the past, everytime I went out for a drink, I always tried to defeat them all,” drawing laughter.

Han Ga-in-2 Days 1 Night

Yeon Jung-hoon described the unexpected charm of his wife that he fell in love with before marriage, “When we filmed the drama ‘Yellow Handkerchief’, we had a company dinner, and it was my wife’s turn to drink.” She then filled that paper cup with soju and drank it in oneshot. And after drinking all the soju, she said, “It was just a wave.”

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