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Han Ga In “My parent-in-laws fought in front of my husband only once and he was greatly shocked” 

In the upcoming episode of “Private Lives of the Gods 2 – Greek and Roman Mythology” aired on April 13th, Han Ga In will reveal an episode involving her in-laws and husband Yeon Jung Hoon.

On the show, “Storyteller” Seol Min Seok shares a heart-wrenching story about Hephaestus, which moves everyone to tears.

As Professor Kim Heon listens to the tragedy of Hephaestus, who was rejected by his parents, he explains, “When children receive neglect or injury from their parents when they are young, they remember it more vividly than when their parents did something good for them. This is called the ‘Hephaestus Complex.'”

Following the story, Han Ga In, Seol Min Seok, Lee Chang Yong, Kim So Hyun, and other studio guests are asked if they have similar experiences.

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Lee Chang Yong says, “I once scolded my child right before bed because he had been stubborn and wouldn’t go to sleep after playing all day. As a result, my child had a nightmare and screamed.” 

Han Ga In also shares her story, saying, “My mother-in-law and father-in-law never fight in front of their children, but they had a fight only once. Nevertheless, my husband (Yeon Jung Hoon) says, ‘Mom, Dad had a huge fight,’ and it was a big shock to him. Even a single instance like this can be remembered very vividly from a child’s perspective. As someone raising children myself, I think we need to be careful.” Her words resonated with everyone in the studio.

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Amidst these real-life stories, Professor Kim Heon explains, “Greek and Roman mythology tells dramatic and extreme stories, but they are only a magnification of our daily experiences. When we bring them down to size, all our experiences are included.”

The tumultuous story of Hephaestus, who overcomes parental rejection to become one of the respected Olympian gods, can be seen on “Private Lives of the Gods 2 – Greek and Roman Mythology” on April 13th at 10:20 p.m KST. 

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