Netizens made an interesting guess about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ep.11’s title with “salt” and “pepper” but the production company explained it differently

While viewers raised speculations about the title “Mr. Salt, Ms. Pepper, and Attorney Soy Sauce” of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 11, the production company explained, “There was no other meaning”.

On August 4th, an article titled “The title of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ episode today is crazy. There is a reason to put ‘salt’ and ‘pepper’ in it” was posted on an online community and became a hot topic.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Regarding the title “Mr. Salt, Ms. Pepper, and Attorney Soy Sauce” of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 11, which was aired on August 3rd, the post’s author interpreted it as “It’s because the husband was having an affair”. It is said that “having an affair” is a wordplay created using the “salty” expression of salt and the expression of eating pepper on food.

In this regard, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” production company AStory explained to MoneyToday, “We have no intention to do such a wordplay”.

However, Internet users agreed with the interpretation as they exclaimed “Wow, so there were so many wordplays in this episode”.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

In fact, many wordplays, such as “The thread and the needle were fighting and the thread was taken to the police station. Because the needle sewed the thread”, “Eight vowels, eleven consonants, an exclamation mark, and a comma appeared in court today because they are due to be sentenced next week”, were pointed out in the 11th episode of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” tells about Woo Young-woo, who has a genius brain and autism spectrum disorder, growing into a true attorney. 

extraordinary attorney woo

Thanks to its solid story and the actors’ amazing acting performances, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which started with a poor rating of 0.9% in the first episode, became popular like a syndrome and reached the viewer rating peak of 15%. According to the rating research company Nielsen Korea, the 11th episode, which aired on August 3rd, recorded a nationwide rating of 14.2% and 15.4% in Seoul area. 

Source: Nate

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